Adele had been preparing for her best friend's birthday party for weeks, pouring over Pinterest for inspiration and making a playlist of all their favorite songs to get everyone dancing. The whole family was going to be there, including her sister and brother-in-law who lived in another state. She wanted the party to be perfect and asked if they could do some video calls so her sister could join in virtually. As she set up the tables and chairs, Adele couldn't help but feel a little anxious about how everything would go. She had been planning this party for weeks and was worried that it wouldn't turn out as perfect as she had envisioned. As soon as the guests started to arrive, everything went smoothly, thanks in part to Adele's meticulous preparations. Everyone was having a good time dancing and laughing, including her sister who joined in via video call from another state. But just when things were going so well, something strange happened...( here add a cliffhanger moment that makes the reader want to keep reading) Please write your