It was a dark and stormy night, and Prince Arin had been searching for the lost city of Eldrid for years. He had heard tales of its beauty and magic, but no one knew where it was located. As he rode through the forest on his horse, he heard a faint humming in the distance. As he approached, he saw that the humming grew louder and became a beautiful melody. He followed the sound until he came upon a clearing, where he found an elegant stairway made of marble leading up to a large palace. The music grew louder as he entered the palace, and he saw a group of people dressed in fine clothes dancing in the great hall. But then the storm broke, and the music stopped. Suddenly, a figure appeared before him, tall and imposing with piercing eyes that seemed to see right through him. "Who are you?" the figure demanded. Prince Arin explained his quest for the lost city of Eldrid, and the figure revealed himself to be the ruler of the city. He told Prince Arin that he had been searching for it for years but could not