Luther, a skilled gnome thief, was hatching a plan to steal the most prized cheese in all of Gondor, the Golden Wedge of Gondor. It was said that this cheese had the power to heal the sick and grant eternal youth. Luther knew that if he could get his hands on it, he would be rich beyond his wildest dreams. As he cackled maniacally to himself, he stretched the bounds of cheese from beneath his cloak, revealing a most impressive stash of the finest cheddar and brie. But as he was about to make his escape, he heard a faint whisper, "You may evade the guards, but you will never avoid the wrath of the King himself." Luther's eyes widened in terror as he realized that the King of Gondor had been keeping an eye on him. He knew he was in trouble, for if anyone could outwit a gnome, it was the King himself. Luther tried to think of a clever escape route but found none, so he decided to make a break