I was walking through the city, enjoying the sunny day and breezy weather, when my ears pick up the strange signals everyone is talking about. They're not just signals, they're messages from my space brother, and they're only received by me! At least, that's what I tell myself as I walk briskly toward the source of the messages: a futuristic lab located deep within a dense forest of neon lights and space-age architecture. As I approach the entrance to the lab, I can feel my heart racing with excitement and anticipation. What could my space brother be trying to communicate? Is he in danger? Does he have a new invention to share? I step inside the building and see the lab is filled with strange gadgets and contraptions that seem to defy the laws of physics, as well as an array of holographic screens displaying images of far-off planets and alien life forms. I approach the central control station, where my space brother's hologram floats above the array of screens. "Hello, little bro!" he exclaims in his